Protecting Your Business from Crime — Truly

When your business succeeds, it may draw more attention from dishonest people. Some may be employees. Some may be outsiders. Either way, make sure you have a fidelity crime bond. This will cover you from theft from both employees and outsiders. At Brownyard Programs, we know the risks in the security industry. We’ll get you the right coverage for your needs.

Protect Your Assets

Many security companies have or own sensitive and expensive valuables and equipment. A criminal act could could put your assets at risk. Our crime insurance can help.

Customized Coverage

Thanks to decades insuring security companies, we understand challenges facing businesses like yours. We'll create insurance broad enough for your needs at a sensible price.


You can apply for fidelity crime insurance crime insurance at the top of this page in the Get A Quote box. Just choose from the drop down list. Or click below to go to our Applications page.



We provide crime insurance -- specifically fidelity crime insurance -- in all 50 states. So whether you're in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska or New York, your state's eligible.

Risks and Solutions

We understand the challenge of protecting security companies from people with negative intent. We can offer you fidelity crime insurance options to protect you from a variety of risks.

Brownyard Programs

Brownyard is the oldest name in security insurance: Coupled with Crum & Forster's depth of experience, we understand fidelity crime insurance as well as anyone in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: If I have a $250,000 Crime bond but my claim exceeds it, is my company on the hook for the remainder?
A: No. With our unique endorsement on our General / Professional Liability policy, with the purchase of a $250,000 fidelity bond, we extend crime coverage out to policy limits.

Q: Should every security company have crime insurance?
A: Most people who work for security companies are honest. But you still need fidelity crime insurance. You need it to protect your equipment. You need it cover any client property in your care, custody, or control. And you need it to guard against dishonest people, whether they’re inside or outside your company.