Protect where you work and what you own

Whether you're starting a security business or have been running one for years, it's important your property is protected. We'll work to ensure your livelihood won't be jeopardized in the event of fire or damage to your property or equipment.

Protect Your Assets

Any security business may have tools, equipment and property to protect. Brownyard Programs commercial property insurance protects you from the unexpected.

Customized Coverage

Thanks to decades in the security industry, we understand challenges facing businesses like yours. We'll create coverage broad enough for your needs at a sensible price.


You can apply for commercial property insurance at the top of this page in the Get A Quote box. Just choose from the drop down list. Or click below to go to our Applications page.



We provide commercial property insurance -- also called business property insurance -- in all 50 states. So whether you're in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska or New York, your state's eligible.

Risks and Solutions

From fires to burglary, we've seen many property perils in the security industry that couldn't be avoided. Commercial property insurance can protect you from the unexpected.

Brownyard Programs

Brownyard is the oldest name in security insurance: Coupled with Crum & Forster's depth of experience, we understand commercial property insurance as well as anyone in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: Will you consider new companies for coverage?
A: Yes. We require acceptable resumes for new companies.

Q: What are things commercial property insurance protects?
A: Real property. Fixtures to your building. Furniture and equipment. Inventory of your company. Buildings and items within the curtilage. Property of others left in your care, custody and control.