Commercial auto insurance for your business

You may use your own car for your business. Your employees may use theirs to run errands. Or you may have a fleet of trucks. However you use vehicles for your business, one thing is clear. You need commercial auto insurance. At Brownyard Programs, we know the risks in the security industry and how to cover them. We’ll create the coverage you need.

Protect Your Assets

If you use vehicles for your security business, one unfortunate event could put your assets at risk. That's where Brownyard Programs commercial auto insurance can help.

Customized Coverage

Thanks to decades years insuring the security industry, we understand challenges facing businesses like yours. We'll create coverage broad enough for your needs at a sensible price.

Applying for Coverage

You can apply for commercial auto insurance at the top of this page in the Get A Quote box. Just choose from the drop down list. Or click below to go to our Applications page.



We provide commercial auto insurance in all 50 states. So whether you're in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska or New York, your state's eligible.

Risks and Solutions

We've seen many vehicle claims in the security industry that couldn't be avoided. Commercial auto insurance can protect you from liability, medical payments and more.

Brownyard Programs

Brownyard is the oldest name in security insurance: Coupled with Crum & Forster's depth of experience, we understand commercial auto insurance as well as anyone in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: Are all autos covered under my policy?
A: Not without proper endorsements. Scheduled autos owned by your company are covered under your policy. However, non-owned autos that are used in your business may be a source of lawsuits against your firm if such autos are involved in accidents.

Q: How are autos I don't own covered?
A: Autos you don't own are divided into two categories. One is hired autos: these are vehicles your business leases, rents, hires or borrows. The second category is non-owned autos: these are vehicles, other than hired autos, which your business uses but does not own. (For example, an auto owned by an employee and used in your business.)

Q: What do auto underwriters look for in determining price?
A: They look for secure storage sites of vehicles, good driving records of employees, the age and safety of vehicles, Anti-theft and tracking devices to monitor owned vehicles, and the past experience of the company.