Protect your business from liability

All companies needs liability insurance. General liability is basic. It guards against things like injuries and damage that occur during daily operations. There’s also professional liability, which covers negligence related to professional services. We know the risks in the security industry. We’ll create coverage that fits your needs.

At Brownyard Programs, we go beyond standard liability coverage. We know the risks in the industry. And we create coverages other insurers can’t offer.

Protect Your Assets

If you're in a security industry, you need both general and professional liability insurance. One accident could lead to a lawsuit you may not be able to handle.

Customized Coverage

Thanks to decades insuring security industries, we understand challenges facing businesses like yours. We can customize business liability insurance, both general and professional, for your needs at a sensible price.

Applying for Coverage

You can apply for general liability and professional liability insurance -- at the top of this page in the Get A Quote box. Just choose from the drop down list. Or click below to go to our Applications page.



We provide business liability insurance (both general and professional liability insurance) in all 50 states. So whether you're in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska or New York, your state's eligible.

Risks and Solutions

We've seen so many claims in our decades in the security industry and many of them couldn't be avoided. The key is having business liability insurance broad enough to protect you from bankruptcy.

Brownyard Programs

Brownyard is the oldest name in security insurance: Coupled with Crum & Forster's depth of experience, we understand business liability insurance as well as anyone in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: Would all Security Guard Liability Policies Cover for acts by security professionals acting outside the scope of their employment?
A: No. Contrary to the assertions of some insurance carriers and the agents and brokers representing them – liability insurance policies for security guard and investigation and alarm companies are NOT created equal. Brownyard Programs is unique in their coverage for intentional acts – we know that you can’t always prevent the bad apples from being hired. We protect the company for those harms done by your employee, other policies on the market do not offer this coverage.

Q: What are underwriters looking for when deciding on a risk?
A: Payscale, Training, and Supervision, Experienced Principals/Supervisors, Retired/Off-Duty Officers for Armed work, Contracts reviewed by attorney, and Avoid work that historically generates frequency and/or severity: i.e.; retail/malls, low-income/HUD housing, bars or establishments where alcohol is served, special events, fast food, emergency rooms, schools, liquor stores, celebrity bodyguard work, or any work with powers to arrest.