Getting the right coverage for your Alarm business

The alarm business is complex. Whether you install or monitor them, you handle tricky situations. And those situations have risks. We understand what those risks are. And we’ll create coverages to protect you and your business.

At Brownyard Programs and Crum & Forster Specialty, we have over 80 years of experience. We know how to create the best policies in the alarm industry.

Protect Your Assets

For a company in the alarm monitoring business, having broad insurance is key to protecting your livelihood. That's where our insurance coverages can help: from business liability insurance to property insurance and more.

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Customized Coverage

Thanks to decades insuring alarm monitoring companies, we understand challenges facing businesses like yours. We can create custom security insurance broad enough for your business needs at a sensible price.

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You can apply for alarm insurance at the top of this page in the Get A Quote box at the top of this page. Just choose from the drop down list. Or click below to go to the our Applications page.



We provide alarm insurance throughout the country, in all 50 states. So whether you're in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska or New York, your state's eligible.

Risks and Solutions

We've seen many events in the alarm and monitoring industry, most of which couldn't be foreseen or avoided. We'll help make sure you're covered so unfortunate events won't put your assets at risk.

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Brownyard Programs

Brownyard is the oldest name in security insurance: Coupled with Crum & Forster's depth of experience, we understand how to insure the risks for alarm companies as well as anyone in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers

Q: What is the right amount of coverage for a security firm?
A: An alarm contractor should have a minimum of $1 Million Occurrence / $3 Million Aggregate for General/Professional Liability coverage on an occurrence basis. They should not accept a certificate for a master policy as adequate coverage; they should be the only company on their policy. These limits should increase based on exposure in operations of the company and contract requirements. Many contracts require a General/Professional Liability and Excess/Umbrella combined limit from $5-$10 Million. Always check with your insurance broker for contract requirements by clients.

Q: What standard coverages should an alarm security firm require of their carrier?
A: Adequate limits of coverage. General and Professional coverage. No sub-limits on major coverage risks. Broad contractual coverage. Broad coverage for theft by 1st and 3rd Parties. No conviction or anti-collusion clauses on theft coverage. Vicarious liability coverage for intentional and criminal acts that protect the company. No exclusion for punitive damages. Sexual Harassment/Molestation/Discrimination coverage. Coverage for all property in the company’s care, custody, and control. Protection from third-party oversuit – where clients sue the contractor after an employee sues the client.